Monday, 20 December 2010


Thanks for all your lovely comments over the weekend, they've really buoyed me as I have succumbed to yet ANOTHER cold (10 in 12 months)!!! I've spent the last couple days in bed very achey, coughing like a trouper & today I can't breathe, so not much to share sadly.  Still, I'm hopeful I'll be all ok in a couple days as we've got 11 to cook for on Christmas day (yikes).

Anyhoo, FINALLY got to see Harry Potter on Saturday - soooooo good!  Didn't want it to end, and now can't wait for July.  I even shed a couple of tears at one point - if you know the books & have seen the film I think you'll know which bit I mean near the end of the film.

The UK is still in the grip of a bad cold snap & most airports are shut, roads closed, trains cancelled, basically the countries have come to a standstill - yet here in Leicestershire we have nothing but a frost & a tiny amount of snow from Thursday which froze, we're in a 'bowl' so we tend to miss the worst.  Still, I'd love it to snow later in the week for Christmas day - can't remember the last proper white Christmas here.

Been keeping myself (kindof) busy today playing Lego Harry Potter on the Wii & using the glue gun for hair clips.

Hope you're all keeping well & cold-free.  Fingers crossed I'll be back to what-passes-for-normal in a day or two ;) x


  1. oh no! i hope you feel better soon!! drinks lots of tea!!!

    oh yay you saw harry potter!! yay! i didn't want it to end either and now we have to wait 6 months!!!!!!! i teared up too! i love ron and hermione...especially harry & hermione's is so cute..when he asked her to dance in the tent!! did you know that there is a harry potter theme park at the universal studios in orlando! i want to go so bad and have butterbeer!!!

    sending you get well hugs!


  2. thanks cb, lots of cold & flu drinks too :)

    yep, HP is soooo cool, and they're so cute! I've heard about the theme park on the tv - I bet it's awesome. Hope we both get there one day. xox


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