Saturday, 11 December 2010

Florida Keys - part 1

So, a flight to Miami, a hire car & meeting with up with my parents-later and we were driving to the house on Islamorada.  It was lovely!

The weather was fantastic the whole time we were there, even the cooler days were lovely and warm.

As my Mum and Dad had been there for a while already they had been adopted by a band of local cats - most of which were very scared, but got braver each day.  This one is the only one which came every day (for most of the day) and was soooo friendly - I could have happily brought him home!

How cute is he!!!

Throughout the 9 days we were there we took several trips in the car up and down the Keys, obviously this was more of a relaxing part of the holiday, but here are a few of our adventures:

Key Largo... to see the original boat used in the film African Queen (with Humphrey Bogart & Katherine Hepburn)

Duck Key has are some amazing homes...

and beautiful views

and a great harbour

Anne's Beach is very popular with wakeboarders and is very pretty

We also had a great afternoon at a great beach on Marathon...

Hubby and I fell in love with Manatee mailboxes - soooo cute

A-hoy there mateys

To come - Key West and sunsets. x


  1. i want a manatee mailbox!!! :) ca-uuutee! :) how in the world are you transitioning back to work after an amazing holiday? ugh!

  2. :D we LOVE LOVE LOVE the Manatee - if we could have gotten him home somehow, we would have!!!

    Work last week was bleeeeuuughhhh & i STILL feel jetlagged, but only this week left then I finish for Christmas (YAY!) xox

  3. wow it is sooo beautiful! that house you are staying in is so adorable!!! can't believe that it is in the states! my aunt used to live in miami but we never went to the keys! i want to go so bad, i LOVE LOVE warm weather! what was the temperature? i am sure this time of year is perfect!

    that little kitty is so cute! i wonder if he knows spanish? hehehe and how cute are those manatee mailboxes! love the one in the hat!


  4. where we stayed is a small community called Angler's Reef, very nice, some timeshare properties, rentals & weekend/holiday homes.

    It was about 75-90 degrees every day, lovely! a couple of rain showers, but they were at night, it was perfect.

    hee hee, he probably does, although he understood English pretty well too, very obedient :) xox


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