Monday, 13 December 2010

Florida Keys - part 2

After a couple hours drive we got to Key West - boy was it hot that day!

We had a great time wandering round the town and visiting Hemmingway's House (and his 6-toed cats), the Southernmost Point and having a fantastic lunch on the boardwalk...

... we had only just started our day in Key West when we were lucky enough to see a Manatee in the harbour (having only seen them in captivity before)

This cool building which used to be a cinema is now a Walgreens, but thankfully they've kept the cool of the building

Hemmingway's House was very interesting & we had a docent who was knowledgable and quite funny too

Hemmingway's second wife removed all the ceiling fans to accommodate her chandeliers - boy is it hot in there (even with the fans they've put in)

very cool floor tiles in the bathroom

the lighthouse opposite the house - how Hemmingway found his way home from the bars apparently

his pool was soooo inviting

one of the many 6-toed cats

His office

We also went to the Southernmost Point (everyone does apparently)

For lunch we went to Turtle Kraals, it was AMAZING...

... deliciously sweet and salty margaritas

and a couple of incredible sandwiches - pulled bbq chicken for me, and pulled brisket (marinated & very slowly cooked on the premises) for Hubby, with a whole tray of BBQ sauces to choose from

It was a great day in Key West, and heartily recommended.

We also had some lovely food nearer to Islamorada, at Wahoo's...

this was Mahi tortillas with mango, avocado and pineapple - YUM

and a Wahoo Sunrise (Run, mango slush and strawberry purree - sooooo good)

We also went to World Wide Sportsman behind which is an great restaurant where you can eat whilst watching the sun go down...

Great food too!

We also went to a couple of thrift stores & second-hand stores, Hubby found some vinyl at the Sally Army store, and the second0hand store Pink Junktique was fantastic, though sadly everything we wanted would have been impossible to get home (again, well worth a visit).

Well, that pretty much rounds up our Florida trip - with lots of relaxing thrown in too! x


  1. All of your travels and lovely pictures are making me jealous! (Although, I am hoping for a little snow here...) Glad you're having fun!

  2. thanks Em, fingers crossed for the snow (hoping for some more snow myself - being that we missed the last lot :) ) xo

  3. a good excuse to go back to the keys i guess! hehehe...okay wait a minute....6 toed cats? i thought only siamese cats had six toes! i have never seen other types of cats with six crazy how that one sticks out so much!!!

    wow you had a great adventure in the keys i am so jealous! you saw a manatee that is incrediable! back in the day people used to think they were mermaids! and they die a lot from boats because they are so slow! they are such cute gentle creatures! i would to swim and feed them one day!

    and that food looks amazing! and those sunsets! wow! so beautiful! so glad you had a fantastic trip and came home safely!


  4. thanks cb :)

    Yep the "Hemmingway" 6-toed cats are rather famous - some people just go there for the cats! I knew about them because one of my mystery books is set in Fort Lauderdale & she has one of them. They really are like thumbs and apparently can pick things up with them!

    I was surprised to see the Manatee in the harbour because of the problems with boats etc, but it was good to see all the rules that all boaters must follow to protect the Manatees :)

    a FAB trip, thank you xoxox


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