Monday, 13 December 2010

Lissie and The Pierces

On Saturday I went with my good friend to see Lissie.  We'd seen her at Summer Sundae (and I posted about that weekend way back when I started my blog in August) and she was great live.

Sadly I don't have any photos for you as my phone camera does not like dark, spotlit spaces!  It was quite a small venue at the University and has a curfew so it's all finished by 10pm (which I like) and the age of the concert-goers varied from 18 to 65 (with a couple of kids thrown in)!

Her support act were The Pierces, I'd not heard of them before but had checked out some of their music before we went.  Catherine and Allison are sisters from Alabama and I'd say their music is kind of rocky folk (perhaps???).  Either way, they looked beautiful - very ethereal, had a great band and sounded fantastic during their half hour set.

I think it always says something about singers when they sound better live - well, both The Pierces and Lissie sound amazing live.

Lissie came on to huge applause and she rocked!  She did an hour set and was fantastic, even coming back for a 2-song encore (they don't always).   I highly recommend you check out her music.

I love it when artists talk to their audience and both acts did that, explaining a bit about their songs, introducing their bands, giving us some background info on themselves and even thanking us for cheering them (Lissie) up after a previously-crappy day!

It was a fantastic evening, and tomorrow I'm off to see Belle and Sebastian with Hubby, what a lucky girl!  Hope you all had a fab weekend. x


  1. i have not heard of either band, i will check them out when i get home :) Glad you had fun! i want to go to a concert but haven't seen any one i want to see yet...was going to go to marina again but she canceled because she is going to be recording!!


  2. It's such a let down when they sound nothing like they do recorded!!
    velvet cupcakes

  3. cb - definitely worth checking out (hope you like them), hope you find a concert soon (I find there's nothing for ages then loads come along!) xox

    Kate - they sound great recorded, but even BETTER live (which I find unusual) :) xx

  4. i'm glad you had such a lovely time. :)gina


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