Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Lucy was our goat.  She was a gift from Poppa to our family, here she is on the day she arrived with my brother and me - how cute is she! (yikes, I'm wearing socks & sandals - first & last time I like to think!!!)

She used to make me laugh soooo much.  Certainly in her case she was an architypal goat - she would eat just about anything so you had to be careful what was near her.  She also had that other funny habit of headbutting you if you turned your back on her - I like to think it was because she thought you were being rude to her :D

We didn't have her for years and years, but I can't remember why.  I don't think she died as we would have been told - we grew up with lots of animals & coming from a farming family we knew about that from an early age - I'll have to see if my Mum remembers what happened.  Still, we had great fun with her whilst we had her, goats are lovely animals & are certainly a fantastic animal for small holders. x


  1. so very jealous! i would LOVE to have a goat and make goat cheese! i think the red socks and the sandals looks great! you are waaayy too cute!!!!


  2. hee hee, you're too kind :D

    I know, great right? I wish we'd made cheese - we've had a programme on the beeb recently about the 70s sitcom "The Good Life" & they tried to live that life now - the 2 goats, the milking of them & the making of cheese (using & pair of tights) were the best bits! xox


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