Friday, 17 December 2010

Yo Yo's

Well, what a week! Phew!  Still, I'm now finished for Christmas (work-wise) and hopefully next week the crafting and cooking can start in earnest.

On Tuesday we went off to see Belle and Sebastian, only to find once we got there that the concert had been cancelled due to illness. Man was I disappointed, still, couldn't be helped and they did apologise.  We're just hoping they'll be able to re-schedule as they've got a World Tour coming up next year.

Work was mad all week as it was my last week, and we had our departmental Christmas lunch yesterday.  The food was great, I had tomato & basil soup, turkey etc, and pistaschio cheesecake; sadly the service was atrocious.  Not the fault of the servers, just management not realising that having at least 3 parties in addition to the usual lunch rush they needed more servers!  Still, we all had a laugh.  Do you have a Christmas meal/party with your colleauges?

Anyhoo, as the title suggests, I've also been busy making fabric Yo Yos this week, and making them into hair clips and brooches...

... hair clips, I think the first one is rather oriental (?)

and brooches (great for using old/vintage buttons)

and one that isn't a yo yo!

Yo Yos are so much fun and so easy to make:

Using a homemade card template cut out a circle of fabric twice the size that you want the finished Yo Yo to be.  With the fabric's wrong side facing you turn up about an inch of the fabric then turn under about a centimetre at the edge.  Using a complimentary thread, start a running stitch at the top of the centimetre turned edge.  Stitch round the circle, turning in as you go, end with the thread coming through on the inside and gently pull to pucker the Yo Yo and arrange as you like, knotting the thread when you're happy with the tension.  Iron your Yo Yo on the back and hey presto, you've made a Yo Yo :)

Over the weekend we've got family to visit, hopefully going to see Harry Potter, and lots more to do.  Hope you all have a fab weekend. x


  1. Those are so pretty! :) I still have not seen Harry Potter either...I hope I have time over break.

  2. oh i love those yo yo's! they are so adorable and i love that mismatched prints! good job!

    you are so luck you are done with work! very jealous of you right now! sorry to hear about the concert that really sucks..hopefully they will reschedule!

    hope you get to see harry potter, so so good!
    have a great weekend too!!


  3. Oh, these are fantastic! So colourful. Thanks for sharing :)

    Oh no, I can't believe the gig was cancelled :( Hope you'll get to see them soon.

    Aoife x

  4. these look divine! great job:) i'm so jealous-i want time to craft. they are so pretty.;0

  5. thanks ladies, now I know how to make them I can't stop :D x


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