Thursday, 30 September 2010


I'm not a beer or lager fan, I always have an automatic response whenever I try one (and I do try them) - my lip curls up, quite literally.  I think it's because I don't like anything that taste bitter.  I've managed a Bud whilst in 130 degree sunshine in Vegas (as it went down in one) and I can drink a Newcastle Brown Ale with some lime in it, but I couldn't really drink a beer.

Until now that is, I finally have found a beer that I like... apparently it's made with Champagne yeast...

kasteel cru

Hubby on the other hand, LOVES beer ...

Beers in New York
 He can't wait til we're back in Chicago for some Chicago Gold at Rock Bottom Brewery. x

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Owls, owls and more owls

More things I like, in this case lots of lovely owls…

cosies by Ulster weavers
cushions by lilac coast
brooch by folly and glee
paperweights by the contemporary home

personalised mugs by Disco butterfly

kate garey

night light by white rabbit england
earrings by elly mental
autumn brooch  by Teasmade
Owl cookie jar by MidMod
tea towel by two little birdies

gorgeous prints by LoveSugar

super cute handmade hats by tinytangerines
owl items from persnickertypelican
pdf scrapbooking items from megspapercrafts
lovely locket by uniqueartpendant

and finally, MY OWL from my Nan, I've had him for 30-odd years, he's at least a foot in height and lovely...

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Architectural, houses

Here are some various architectural items and cute houses that caught my eye over the weekend, hope you like them...

love this bird's eye view turret-like living room

grand seafront houses in Southwold

love the rooftop, so much going on

beach huts in Southwold

cute shutters & balcony on the seafront

a huge B&B

lovely detail either side of a front door

I like the shape of this one, I bet the living room & bedroom are completely round

this amazing building at the end of the beach, entry is gained via a bridge,
 can apparently be hired (& there was a teddy in the window)

I love the colonial look of this house (& when the front door's open you can see all the way through)

this is a great pharmacy come apothecary

LOVE this huge house, so much going on style-wise

from the brickwork

to the front door & the detail on the pillars

this is a great art-deco-inspired great house with two viewing areas at the top 

gorgeous detail in the brick, rather hard to see here

cool portholes & upside down boat shape of roof

super cute ship weather vane
It's a great place to go if you ever get the chance. x

Monday, 27 September 2010

Suffolk Weekend

Happy Monday everyone.  Hope you've all had fabulous weekends.  We had a great time in Suffolk, despite the fact that it rained (that's, chucked it down!) repeatedly, all weekend :)

Friday we had a busy day of vintage shopping.  We went to Southwold up the coast, it's a lovely little town full of wonderful shops, pubs, a pier and the Adnams Brewery, and we always enjoy a trip there.

There are a few very good vintage/antique shops where I always manage to find something to bring home.  This time was no different, I got a gorgous art deco-inspired vase (the picture doesn't really show, but it's purple at the bottom) for only £6, a marquetry box with mother of pearl (lined in red velour which I'm thinking of putting jewellery in) and a couple of old books - 'Through the Looking Glass' and 'Eyes, No Eyes' which is from 1902 and was to be used as an educational book.

We also found a fantastic little unit, oriental-looking (although some pieces need gluing) which is now in our dining/snug room - we've been after something for this space for soooo long, so yay!


cute house

vintage/antique shops

cute garden - with owl!

adorable small house

lovely Victorian tiles by a front door

book finds

lovely vase

marquetry box

close-up, mother of pearl inlay

some of the lovely paintings in the 'Eyes, No Eyes' book


lovely, tiny cinema in Southwold

Great little cabinet with sliding door
We also went to  many other vintage shops and warehouses including a great one in Leiston, which was rather empty as they're having the builders in this week.

Saturday we wandered into Aldeburgh town and took lots of photos, had some fish and chips (you have to when you're English and at the seaside, it's just what we do!).

And I made a wonderful find on the beach.  First a love heart on the beach in Wales, now a love heart on the beach in Suffolk!  Someone is clearly spreading the love to me...

this is so beautiful, and now at home on my dresser

Here are some of the lovely sights along the Aldeburgh walk into town...

seagulls waiting for the next catch

one of many fresh fish shacks

what's on sale today
The Wentworth Hotel

lovely seafront houses

waves crashing

good fishing weather (apparently)


Aldeburgh Cinema
 Sunday, it rained persistently so we watched the Singapore Grand Prix and did a jigsaw - well we had to, how could we not...

The Owls of Europe, completed, yay!
We took more photos of great houses with quirky architecture or interesting features, and I'll post about them tomorrow. x