Friday, 14 January 2011

Cool post

Got some cool stuff in the post today...

... some more supplies for jewellry crafts (see my post Christmas crafting for earlier)

and a couple of cheap cds from ebay..

We also got our membership details from the National Trust so am going to spend the weekend looking through the book and choosing where to visit first.  And a copy of Raving Rabbids Travel in Time (as blogged about at the beginning of the week) - how could I not get this - Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaw :D

We also went Charity Shopping this afternoon, but sadly came away with nothing :( though I did get a small origami set from Paper Chase to start learning - will let you know how I get on. 

Enjoy your weekend, we're having dinner with Hubby's sister tomorrow and a lazy Sunday with lots of football (so that's lots of crafting & Agatha Christie's for me). x


  1. what are those? bingo chips? they are going to make really cool jewelry! i have seen scrabble earrings because and i am bummed i never bought them. what about a necklace? i love pretty in pink such a cute movie <3

    what agatha christie are you reading? or are you going to watch a movie? she is my all time favorite mystery author! i have read sooo many books of hers. i changed the spelling of my name because i just loved the ie at the end of christie...i'm so silly!

    have a fabulous weekend, are you gonna share your crafts from the weekend?


  2. :) I've emailed you direct, but yep bingo chips, and will post what I get done (but just realised I might have run out of findings, DOH!). Have a fab one xoxox

  3. oh how fun! origami:) and the pretty in pink soundrack! that is a great day in the post;)

  4. Pretty in pink-such a classic. Looks like a good time.

  5. it's been on non-stop play since it arrived :) x


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