Saturday, 29 January 2011

Cracking antiques

I've been enjoying a fab programme this past week, 'Cracking Antiques', another BBC programme from last year, but being reshown on Home. 

Basically interior designer Katherine Rayward and antiques expert Mark Hill help people to design a chosen room - they first show them what their room could look like using high-street buys (and usually WAY over budget) - then they take them antique shopping and furnish the room to the same style but at a fraction of the price.  Finding some gorgeous items in the process...

It's been very inspiring especially for someone like me who adores vintage (and slightly frustrating as we don't have ANY large antique places near us anymore).

If you love vintage-style design, I'm sure you'll enjoy this programme. x


  1. Can you get it online? Ahhh, I wish I had BBC!

  2. Ooooo I love those candle sticks!!! So fun!
    velvet cupcakes

  3. not sure Em - I can't find it on youtube; we can get them on bbc iplayer but think this is "blocked" in US? It's also shown on "Home" which is a satellite channel, but again, might only be UK I'm afraid, sorry :(

    there is a book of the same name, to accompany the series apparently (Amazon have it) x

    Kate - Those candlesticks were over £300 I think (eek) but beautiful (& huge) & went into a boudoir bedroom either side of a french bed - very swish x

  4. I agree - have been watching the re-runs. Still valid today. Smashing fun to see if you could do the same sort of thing. A couple of centres near us fortunately.

  5. Ooh, I've not heard of this show before (it's scary how little TV I watch when I'm at uni) but it sounds pretty interesting. This is probably the kind of thing I'd put on when channel hopping and then get totally sucked into it. I do that when I'm flicking through the channels and see they're auctioning things on Dickinson's Real Deal... I really shouldn't be admitting to this, haha.

    I just read through your 'travel' section and I'm incredibly jealous! You've been to so many amazing places. I fell in love with Chicago when I was there too. :)

  6. :) I know what you mean Katie - it's easy to get sucked in to these things (even Real Deal hee hee).

    Thanks, both me & Hubby have been very lucky to go to so many amazing places x


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