Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Inspiration Jar

Well, so far I'm happy with my progress with my "To Do" List.  We've joined the National Trust, am donating rice on a frequent basis and I've made my Inspriation Jar....

It's an old canning jar with my favourite silk added to the lid - and it's now filled with inspirational quotes, poetry and sayings, for me to help myself to when I need to. Some are from a wonderful book my Mum bought me years ago when I worked for the Church and some of which are from the wonderful Kind Over Matter

If you don't know Kind Over Matter it's well worth a visit - it's a wonderful, inspiring blog by Amanda, full of beautiful pictures and posts, and they have lots of wonderful, inspirational freebies to download.

I've also printed off their 'free compliments' poster for our office that I'll put up tomorrow and I have lots of wonderful quotes & messages to leave for people, and now carry these in my purse. x


  1. what a great idea! it would be nice to every once in a while when feeling a bit down stick your hand in and pull out a pearl of wisdom! a nice 2011 pick me up!


  2. thanks cb, it's certainly helped me the last couple days :) xoxox

  3. whoa! i love this idea! i am so inspired by it and will have to create this type of thing when I have my craft room up and running! i adore this:)

  4. thanks gina :) it's really lovely to pick out something inspiring when you're feeling in need! xoxo


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