Friday, 28 January 2011

Keep Calm?

I certainly am in need of these lovely coasters right now from MableMae ...

Got to love this from KeepCalmShop

But I have to say, am also loving the sentiment on this card from Earmark

Have a lovely weekend x


  1. I love all of the keep calm stuff, especially those coasters, but the last picture is hilarious!

  2. these are cute but i hope you are feeling better! don't let your job get you down sweetie, so not worth least that is what the mister tells me...and i should take his advise. i felt like the "freak out and throw stuff" on tuesday...we stayed late...till 9 our bosses made so annoyed!

    i hope your weekend is relaxing and calming :D


  3. Em - it's so funny, I smile every time I see it x

    cb - thanks honey, trying my best, but it is hard isn't it; really sorry you've had a difficult week too. It's been a lovely weekend so that helps, hope yours is too xox


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