Tuesday, 18 January 2011

More cool post

Hee hee, more yummy post came today.

I got another couple of cheap cd's from ebay from more of my favourite films...

so I've been singing and dancing my way through the housework : D

I also received some craft supplies...

and a whole bag of old dominoes

and the wonderful printers' blocks from Sage inspired by life, as I mentioned in my previous post 'Things I'm liking right now - part 2'...

Don't you just LOVE getting this kind of mail? x


  1. i love the printers blocks! and yay more supplies!! can't wait to see your goodies!


  2. thanks cb, I made a start yesterday afternoon on a few things and more findings arrived today (yay) so fingers crossed xox

  3. Hooray Breakfast Club! Such a great one!

  4. oh fun! dominoes? what are you going to make? I am so intrigued:)

  5. :) I've been singing my head off all week :D I sooo love 80s films & having the soundtracks just takes you back

    I've made some badges from the dominoes so far, still plenty left for something else (??) xoxo


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