Monday, 10 January 2011

Raving Rabbids fun

We had a belated "New Year's Eve" Party at our friends' house on Saturday as we'd had to postphone due to my cold.  We had a couple of great homemade curries and played Raving Rabbids Travel In Time on the wii.

Now I don't know if you've played Raving Rabbids before, I certainly hadn't, though I'd seen trailers for the games.  We had such a laugh!  It's not a difficult game, full of mini games really, and I think probably more enjoyable for a party where 4 of you can play, but I'd definitely recommend it, we had so much fun.

The best things in the game are both the singing and the dancing areas.  What passes for singing is the rabbids screaming, but similar to 'Guitar Hero' you each have a part to 'sing' and follow accordingly - soooo funny trying to keep up.  But the funniest thing of all is the dancing.... rather like 'Just Dance' you choose a song and have to follow the moves shown to you by a figure on screen.  If you ever get the chance to play this, choose "Car Wash" - the dancing figure had us in absolute hysterics - of course it could just be that the four of us have a weird sense of humour?

Hope you had a great weekend too. x


  1. singing dancing...i'm sold! that game sounds like fun and what great friends to hold off on celebrating until you were better! glad you had fun and will have to check this game out!!


  2. they are great friends - and very kind to have a belated New Year's Eve, AND they only live up the road - I LOVE games like this where everyone can join in & that make you laugh. Just Dance next time I think - just to laugh at the boys!! xoxo


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