Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Vintage books

I purchased a couple of cool, vintage sewing books from Folksy recently.  One is from the 1950's and the other from the early 1970's.

I've also rediscovered some of my old childhood books...

... an Esmeralda annual (from before I was born so must be a hand-me-down) & a couple of Twinkle annuals - I used to LOVE those as a little girl

I don't know if you've every seen Camberwick Green or Trumpton (or even Chigley), but they were stop-animation from the 70's which we all LOVED - in fact I have them all on DVD :)

and of course the requisite Ladybird books (I have some more somewhere in the loft)

It's been so much fun re-reading these, they may all be for children, but they're still enjoyable.  I have so many favourite childhood books in the loft, I really must try to get them out sometime.  I remember a wonderfully illustrated fairytale book, a book about a Boggitt (?) and many more.

Do you have any favourite childhood books? x


  1. i love the cover of that sewing book! when i got my sewing machine the mister also went and found the manual for it! it is so cute and 70's!

    oh i LOVE rediscovering my childhood books! my favorite was the piggy in the puddle :D


  2. how great that he found the manual :)
    - I'm lucky to have a great 70's machine (& manual) from Hubby's late aunt, so fab.

    I don't know that one, but I'll certainly look out for it now :D xoxo

  3. how fun ruth! I adore the old sewing books:) i may have to do the same thing!: )gina

  4. So fun! I someday want to illustrate a children's book.
    velvet cupcakes

  5. they're a great read gina, I'm on the lookout for an old embroidery one now :)

    wow, that sounds fab kate, I'm sure it'll be wonderful when you do



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