Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Vintage handkerchiefs

I have a bag FULL of vintage handkerchiefs from my Mum.  Some were Mum's and some were my Grandmother's - most of which they both embroidered themselves.

I've decided that, with the exception of the really delicate ones, I'm going to make Lavender Sachets from them as I think this'll be a really lovely way to use them.





These ones are sooo delicate and pretty

Once I've made some I'll post about it, hopefully they'll make lovely gifts (in addition for some for myself and Mum). x


  1. they are all so beautiful and sachets are a great idea! i was also thinking a quilt! you have the best vintage stuff! can't wait to see your sachets!


  2. :) thanks lovelies x

    cb - LOVE the idea of a quilt, I'd never thought of that - although I have seen a very pretty cafe curtain made from them - hmmm you've given me something to think about (think I'll lay them out & see), thank you :) xox

  3. Those are really pretty! I want to learn how to embroider!

  4. I used to embroider when I was much younger and really want to start again, it's such a lovely thing to do x


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