Thursday, 27 January 2011

Home Vintage - part 2

Following on from my first post about my home, here are a few more 'vintage' pieces from around the house...

This fab pine chest was a gift from my parents when they downsized - it's lovely having a childhood piece that we can use (although it's still half full of Mum's linen)

I just love the brass key holes and the detailed glass knobs

This lovely narrow, "hallway" wardrobe (so called because it's not very deep so would be used to store coats etc) came from Hubby's late aunt (and before her, his grandmother).  It's such a beautiful rich colour...

...and fabulous detailing

This was a good find last year - an old G-plan chest which someone had already started to paint (I forgot to take a 'before' photo) - painted a vintage white, with its cute brass knobs, it now holds all my crafting supplies :)

Another great find late last year, a cute little 'oriental-style' cabinet (something has to hold the dvd player & playstation)

Whilst it by no means fills up our 10 foot high ceiling, I love our bargain dresser which we found at a local 'antiques' warehouse - it was covered in chicken poop!!!

This fabulous jug and wash bowl was another 'hand-me-down' from my childhood (Thanks Mum!) - it's soooo heavy and prettily dusted with gold accents

Whilst this is reproduction, I LOVE it.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE art deco and the shade casts such a beautiful light and colour, a diffused aqua, like being under the Caribbean sea on a sunny day I imagine

I found this lovely vintage eiderdown last year, which now, washed and plump, sits on our bed - I'd wanted one for years, they really do make for such a warm bed and look beautiful

We're still on the constant look out for various furniture - we have two recesses in our lounge that desperately need filling, it's just difficult to find something that's right, that's big enough, AND at the right price of course.  I'm hoping that this year, may finally be the year to fill those gaps, here's hoping! x


  1. I am loving your furniture pieces. I wish I had the patience to find that kind of stuff at antique and thrift stores.

  2. thanks O. there's still sooo much to find, I can't wait to hunt for more :D x

  3. great pieces! i never see such great pieces at the thrift store! i just love that dresser with the glass knobs and the black oriental cabinet!


  4. thanks cb, good pieces are getting harder to find (especially now I've completely raided Mum's house) :D xox


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