Thursday, 6 January 2011

Vintage photos - part 5

My paternal Grandfather (who sadly died before I was born) was an Engineer by trade, however it appears he also enjoyed entertaining people and was often involved in Benefit Concerts at theatres. 

They look like a smart lot... (Wal's the second man right at the back on the left)

Sometimes he was “Wal Nut” – Comedian, and other times he was W.J. Lewis “Conversationalist and Simultaneous Dancer” – whatever that entailed – and occasionally he was a Magician (with homemade tricks) and also did Panto at Christmas (Ebernazer in Aladdin).


It's another fascinating insight into a grandparent I never knew, and it's great to have some of the original programmes from this time in his life. x


  1. wow a man of many trades! that picture is great! i wish people dressed up more when going out! it makes it to much more fun!

    i just reminded myself that i wanted to watch that video you posted yesterday! i hate watching stuff at work..don't wanna get caught...hehehe will try tonight!


  2. Me too, I love dressing up but don't have many opportunities, but you're so right, it adds so much to an occasion :)

    Yep - same with us at work (though most such things are blocked anyway) - enjoy :D xoxox

  3. oh my word! how amazing is this!!! I adore vintage photographs and it is even better when there is a story behind it! Thanks for sharing this with us; such fun:)gina

  4. It's been great finding all these, so exiciting to see a glimpse into the past (still lots more to see) xoxo


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