Monday, 31 January 2011

Weekend finds

We've had a busy, but good weekend.  After a trip to the dentist's on Friday Hubby found lots of vinyl & cds touring the Charity Shops (lucky Hubby).

Saturday we had a good rummage at a couple of vintage stores, but nothing grabbed me, however at Oxfam I did find some sheet music from one of my favourite musicals, Gigi (hopefully one day I'll get a piano again)


On Sunday we walked to an "Antique, curios and craft fair" at our local social centre - whilst sadly there was very little there (& certainly no crafts), I did find a couple of cool things...

some vintage dice, for another project

a cute dish, perfect for holding soap


This'll probably be for our bathroom as it's blue & white, but small dishes like this with a yummy soap make lovely gifts, so I'm always on the look out for something pretty or different.  Oh, yes, and Hubby took the little stand for this dish - to sit his mobile phone in when watching sport!

I've got lots of craft/vintage fairs in my diary for this year & hope to get to many of them (pleeeeease Hubby x) - and eventually participate in one.  Hope you had an enjoyable weekend. x


  1. Ahh, My Fair Lady is one of my favorites! I wish I had a piano, too!

  2. Fun finds!!! Love! My Fair Lady is fabulous, you ladies are right!

  3. i love china blue and white ceramics! reminds me of my house when i was little :D

    my fair lady is one of the best movies ever! yes you for sure now need a piano! i used to play when i was little...oh i loved it so!


  4. me too cb - always had a piano growing up (I'll have to post about my last piano - sooo gorgeous) & I do miss it! x


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