Monday, 14 February 2011

7 Facts Award

The lovely cb at thecitybirdsnest has bestowed an award on me, thanks sweetie...

So here we go...

1,  I’m adopted
I was adopted at 6 weeks old.  My Mum and Dad are my Mum and Dad, no question, and people often don’t believe me if I tell them I’m adopted.

2.  I sleep with my knees up
This is something I’ve done since being very little, I seem to remember it was because I was afraid some monster would chop them off (how ghoulish).

3.  I have a photo of a horse on my bedside table
Until hubby & I bought our first house in 1996 I always had a pony or horse of my own (& I miss them).

4.  I have all 8 grades and bronze, silver & gold medals in the ‘speaking of verse and prose’ from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA)

5.  I’m (very slowly) learning Japanese
After going to Tokyo & finding it very difficult to find something I could eat, I decided to try to learn Japanese before we (hopefully) go back.  Rice crackers only get you so far :)

6.  I’d love to turn my crafting into a business
...but am scared at the thought of all the business side of things.

7.  I used to fly planes
My Dad treated me to a lesson for my 16th birthday, then more lessons when I was 17/18, but eventually I gave it up – for 2 reasons – it made me very sick on our stalling lesson (sooo not fun feeling the plane plunging to earth), but mainly EVERY (and I mean EVERY) time I went up, we’d get to our altitude and my door would fly open! Seriously, someone was trying to tell me something!

Right, so passing this on to the following ladies:

Looking forward to reading your 7 facts :) x


  1. AW Yay!!! Thanks for the award! I love learning little tidbits about my favorite bloggers:)
    also-Dave sleeps with his knees up too!!!! He doesn't believe me but then one night he woke up and I said, "see!!! Knees up!!!" :) :) :)

  2. Thank you, i shall work on my answers and maybe do a drawing of them soon! x

  3. you're very welcome ladies, I look forward to reading yours too x

    gina - how funny! Hubby still finds the knees thing weird :D

  4. yayay! these are great and as you know i love getting to know you better! wow you used to fly planes how totally amazing!! oh and horses! i used to ride when i was younger and it was such a special time in my life...i would love to do it again! my coworker is from japan...i should learn more from her and then we can chat in japanese!


  5. Oh, thanks for the award! My first one! I'll have to think up some good facts xx

  6. thanks cb (me too) - right, I'd better get moving on that Japanese then :) x

    seaside - you're very welcome x


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