Saturday, 19 February 2011


I decided on Friday that a cake was needed, you know, sometimes it just is.  I tried a red velvet cake with cream cheese icing for a change. 

Hubby loves it (I am withholding judgement - you know what it's like when you bake, you lose your taste for things).

Recipe on the recipe page as usual.  Hope you're enjoying your weekend. x


  1. OMG! That cake looks devine and all that frosting, gooey and yummy! Whose large piece what that for then :o)
    Thanks for sharing xx

  2. you're welcome :)
    That was a huge piece for Hubby and a smaller piece for me - he even managed some of mine, so he must like it! xox

  3. oh man! that looks delicious! so very jealous! a while back the mister made some red velvet cupcakes and it was so amazing! i wish there was a way to reach into the computer and take a bit!



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