Thursday, 17 February 2011

Glorious Fabric

I'd buy fabric every day if I could - as it is I have to be very strict with myself - but here are lots I'm currently craving (all available from Fabric Rehab, and elsewhere, some can be found on etsy).

Vintage sewing girl

Vintage sewing pink

Vintage dishes

Vintage teacups

Mid-century harbour

Mid-century trees, in green or orange?

Retro fairground

Scandi apples and pears

Fabulous 50's, Granny's best china

And finally, from Fabric Inspiration (who have lots of owl fabric), so cute...

YUM!  Now, I just have to try to decide what I want the most... decisions, decisions. x


  1. oh my goodness what wonderful fabrics! i know i could buy fabrics everyday too! there is one at the fabric store that i am just dying to buy! it is a wool navajo gorgeous! i just don't know what i would make out of it! something i could wear though as it is too cute to make for a pillow!


  2. sounds lovely, I'm sure if you get it, it'll come to you what to make with it :) xox


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