Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine's Day... all of you.

I decided to make a little treat for Hubby when he gets home.  I thought it would be cute to have pink, white chocolate hearts after dinner tonight.  Well, somehow these things never do go as you hope they will...

First attempt:

Yes, you're seeing right, it ended up as a big pile of pink yuk! 

This is why I'm always loathe to use white chocolate in anything, it not really being chocolate, whenever you try to add something to it, it "freezes up" - and that's the end of that!  It also doesn't stay liquid for long, not like milk or dark, so it's never the best thing to use when baking.

Anyway, thankfully I had bought double the amount of chocolate (I'd like to think I did this because it was on offer, but I really know it's because I suspected I might fail, ha ha).

Second attempt - no colouring!

I had some cupcake confetti so I put some into a few of the moulds - I love those ones the most I think.

Hopefully Hubby'll enjoy them later. Sending you all lots of love. x


  1. they came out perfect! you are so sweet!! happy valentines day sweetie! i tried to wake up early and make pink pancakes but sadly i could not get myself out of bed...oh well another day right!


  2. Awww, they look really yummy, can smell them from here! Enjoy xx

  3. thanks ladies - they were VERY nice! and Hubby was not in the least bit bothered they weren't pink!!! hee hee x

  4. Wooow! These are pretty amazing! It's such a great idea, I might try it :)


  5. thanks Lily, I've also got some butterfly shaped and snowflake shaped moulds too - they make very pretty chocolates for gifts (or yourself) ;) x


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