Wednesday, 23 February 2011

London - take two

We've decided to once again pop to London for the weekend for my birthday (see August last year's post 'London 2010').  It was a great trip last year, and hopefully will be again.  We stay right by St. Paul's which is lovely, but in the evenings, it being 'the city' it's very quiet and there's not a lot of places to eat.

I'm hoping we'll go to lots of markets and perhaps come back with some cool finds this time.

Whilst having made many trips over the years to the capital, I am still a country girl so lots of London is still unknown to me - we've done the main museums (British, V&A, Natural History, Tate Modern, National Gallery, etc) and the touristy areas and shops, but this time we'd like to do something different. 

Any suggestions? x


  1. oh i wish i had some suggestions but i have never been to london! oh your trip sounds like so much fun! i know you will have a great time! you deserve it!!


  2. oh my word i am so jealous:) i love london with all my heart and in fact it is my favorite city. your trips always sound so divine:)
    hugs to you darling. :)gina
    ps-i haven't forgotten to write you. i started a letter and then i stopped and haven't restarted it but i will finish it soon. :)

  3. thanks ladies, I'm really looking forward to our trip to the capital, will def fill you in on it all! xox

    thanks gina, looking forward to reading it whenever its ready xox

  4. If you like parks, St. James is my favorite - or Hampstead Heath. There's a really good pub up there - the Spaniards Inn I think. Tea at the Ritz! And definitely go to the market near Southwark Cathedral - yummy food! Gosh, I can't remember much else...I spent a lot of time going to concerts while I was there. Have a fun time! I'm jealous!

  5. thanks for the fab suggestions Em, (hoping it doesn't rain!) will be posting all about it week after next x


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