Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside

Inspired by the fabulous Vintage Seaside photos at SeasideSundae, here are a few of my vintage family photos by the seaside …

Mum and her cousin, Clacton on Sea

Love Mum's cute outfit

Mum, spade in hand (but where's the bucket?)

A family shot - love the beach-friendly outfits - very English :)

My Mum, and her two brothers (with donkey)

I LOVE this photo of my Mum (far right, such a fab grin), and my Aunt (in front with super cute ringlets) - some 60+ years later they haven't changed much :)

My Dad (second from right), his sister (far left) and cousins

Dad and his sister, at Rhyl

Dad and Grandpa on the promenade, early 1950s

Makes you want to get out your bucket and spade (once it warms up of course!) x


  1. Awwwwwwww... I love these so much! You've got some fantastic photos. On your mum and your aunt's photo, the girl with the ruffly swimming cozzy - it's sooo cute xx

  2. you mom is soo adorable! i just love the picture of them at the beach and your mum golfing!! oh man that outfit is sooo cute!! great pictures!!!

    oh by the way i just finished a murder is announced and it was so good! i love the twist! and i really liked the different actors! made it really easy to follow. i want to go to the library this weekend and find some more like it!!
    thanks for the recommendation!


  3. thanks ladies :) it's always so lovely to go through these photos, and to share them x

    cb - so pleased you liked it (it's a fab one whether book or tv adaption); hope you find more - I often find them cheaply at charity shops or at Amazon from sellers xox

  4. I love all these old photos


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