Monday, 28 February 2011

The Oscars

What can I say, other than I LOVE the Oscars!  Since I saw my first one in 1988 (Gina Davis in an ice blue gown as Best Supporting Actress for Accidental Tourist was the first award I remember) I HAVE to watch them - albeit on the Monday morning.

I LOVE movie award shows in general, but of course, the Oscars are the ultimate.  The gowns 'sigh', the (sometimes) dreadful attempts at humour from the host (or occasionally, a dreadful host!), all that lovey-love, what's not to like?

The only thing I do fast forward through is the UK commentary during the US "go to commercial" - always some odd group who just commentate on everything that's happened and what they think about it all, and predict what will happen next - I REALLY can't watch that, yawn.

This year, (most of) the gowns were gorgeous, there was plenty of gushing from the interviewers, typical Oscars (yay).

Great film-montage at the beginning with Anne Hathaway and James Franco (Alec Baldwin is soooo creepy), thought they did a good job for the most part.  And Anne Hathaway's song was fab and funny, I never knew she had such a great voice - then James Franco in drag completely upstaging her, hee hee. She had some gorgeous dresses!

As usual my eyes watered during the "in memorium" (always gets me) and there were some I hadn't heard of either, so sad.  Kirk Douglas giving out the Best Supporting Actress Oscar was different (and sweet) - Melissa Leo looked SO shocked she won, I think she thought he'd got it wrong.   And great to see Billy Crystal back on the stage (always funny).  And seeing Eli Wallach on the stage also, so good.  And I even liked the winners coming back on stage at the end, mixing with the school kids singing (cheesy, but good cheesy).

I think I was happy with the award results, perhaps with the exception of Christian Bale (yes I know being English I'm supposed to support our lot, but I can't stand him, sorry).  And YAY, Colin Firth won, didn't think he would, but he did, yay.  He seemed so overwhelmed, but was really funny too.  In fact, us Brits did rather well this year, with lots of the biggies, which was nice.

The red carpet HAS to be E's coverage, they always have the best celebs and the funniest commentary, and I think I'll be watching the Fashion Police on the Oscars too as Joan Rivers NEVER disappoints.

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. x


  1. always wish i have TV during this time! it sounds like a great show and i am soooo excited colin firth one....i LOVE him!! big...HUGE crush on him...he will always and forever be the perfect mr. darcy!...**sigh***


  2. he is very yummy!
    I often wish I didn't have tv (footy on right now being one time)!!! xox


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