Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Picture perfect & sewing

Last week we took my Grandfather's self-portrait to be framed.  After MUCH discussion on what would work best (oval frame did NOT look good), I'm happy with the results... 
(sorry about the rubbish photo - couldn't seem to find a place where I didn't get a reflection!)

Whilst there, I found another little charity shop dish...

...just waiting for a fancy soap.  It would have been two dishes, but Hubby dissuaded me from another one, naughty Hubby ;)

After much deliberation (knowing it would only do small things, but knowing I have my other machines to be fixed), Hubby treated me to the mini sewing machine for my birthday in a few week's time.  He insisted I start to use it straight away though, so I did...

This bag was originally going to be lined, but then I realised I didn't have enough fabric, so now it's a lightweight summer bag, but I'm happy with it... 

I also made another little purse, this time using the machine in addition to handstitching it...

It's certainly a light, handy, little machine, perfect for small projects like these, and I'm very pleased with it so far - thanks Hubby x.

Hope you all had a good weekend. x


  1. you are a busy lady!! wow so much to say! the picture looks great! and it is so hard to take pictures of glass but you get the picture...hehehe
    bd hubby! you could have had to dishes! shame on him! hehe and how nice of him to get you the sewing machine, i am sooo jealous! it is soo awesome! did you make those bags with your fancy new red sewing machine? i love them! the prints are so adorable especially LOVE the paris one and the little red riding hood purse is sooo cute! i just LOVE it!! and the button is perfect!! good job hubby! the mister gave me my sewing machine for my birthday last year! they are truly the best presents ever!


  2. thanks cb :) x
    Hubby read all this, and is suitably chagrined (hee hee), but he is such a good lad!
    Those 2 fabrics are kokka - I LOVE Japanese fabric, always so cute! I'm loving my button jar, but it'll need a restock soon. And yep, all done on the new machine, it's so cute, LOVE it (thanks Hubs) xox


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