Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sewing machines

As I mentioned, my sewing machine has (temporarily) died.  I have a few sewing machines I guess...

I have a wonderful Singer that belonged to my Grandmother (photo when I can get one) - it's a proper vintage one, black with gold decor with a wonderful cast iron foot "pedal" and it's housed in a wooden box so looks like a cabinet.

I also have my Mum's machine from the early 80's, however the last time I got it out to use the foot pedal started to smoke when I switched it on - sooooo not good, eeeek - so that's another one that needs looking at (oh dear).

I then have the machine I use, from Hubby's late aunt, an extremely heavy machine (seriously, it weighs a TONNE), but a very good machine, from the 70's (I think), though sadly it's limited to just the one stitch, from Jones.

It also still has its original paperwork - instruction booklet, guarantee, a very comprehensive parts list

and "helpful tips for the housewife" - with 'ahem' delightful illustrations ...

This is the one that has died on me, I don't know what's wrong with it, but it just won't sew properly anymore! Luckily we have a sewing machine repairers shop in Leicester so hopefully they'll be able to service or recondition it.

However, it got me thinking that perhaps for small projects a small, lightweight machine might not go amiss?  With my birthday coming up next month Hubby's pleased it may be an "easy" gift :)

I'm liking the John Lewis mini - small, lightweight, with plenty of stitches, and oh so cute...
... it's also purse-friendly :)

We'll see, I'm off to try some at the weekend; I'll let you know how I get on. x


  1. wow that singer machine sounds amazing! i have seen those at the thrift store and they are so awesome looking! i just love that red little one! it is sooo cute!

    good luck getting your machine fixed, i am sure it will all work out!


  2. thanks cb - will try to get a photo sometime - it's in a space at the moment where I can't get the lid up as it folds down into the cabinet. xox

  3. i think the photos are hilarious! I love them. I think I would act like that if my sewing machine died on me! :) gina

  4. me too, in fact I probably did ;D xox


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