Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Stunned & thrilled

As I've previously mentioned in an earlier post (Vintage photos - part 5), my paternal Grandfather was a bit of an entertainer.  Well, I was also aware that when he was about 11 years old he drew an amazing picture of Durham Catherdral in pencil.

Sadly it is rather damaged by damp and I'm always hopeful that one day I may find someone who can restore it - as it's only pencil and cheap paper apparently my Father's been told it's impossible.

Anyway, I still love it, and it sits above my coat rack in our hallway.  When we were children we'd try to count the total number of people in the drawing - apparently there's something like 46 people around the building.

Just this weekend I came across a wonderful discovery amongst some photos; what I'd previously just thought was scrap paper, turns out to be sketches by my Grandfather! I'm soooo excited by this find.  On one side is a simple sketch of a man, not sure who, perhaps a friend or relative ... 

But on the other side is a self-portrait!  And a very good one at that I think...

Unfortunately as they're sketches he's used the same piece of paper so obviously I've chosen the self-portrait to do something with.  I'm taking it to my local framer next weekend to see what he can do - I think an oval frame will look lovely.  I'll put it up on our wall, and show my Dad - if he has a place in their home he can take it - but I'm hopeful that he'll let me keep it :)

It makes me once again wish I'd known my Grandfather. 
I'm also hopeful that perhaps there may be more drawings lurking, just waiting to be found. x


  1. wow these are great!! ai can't wait to see them frame! i need to frame some of the mister's his are pretty amazing too!

    i wish you knew your grandfather too! but it is great that you have wonderful memories from loved ones that can share and build a wonderful picture of him for you!


  2. Definitely - and can't wait to share this find with Dad (they're abroad on hols again) will post a photo when framed x

  3. These drawings are brilliant. Lovely keepsakes. It's a shame that the cathedral drawing cannot be restored. Might be worth scanning the drawings incase they fade x


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