Tuesday, 8 February 2011

What a ...

... week!  It's kind of flown by; annoyingly I was poorly yet again last week and spent a few days in bed (and some enforced no-laptop-use), even Hubby was poorly over the weekend (almost unheard of!).  However we did manage to pop out of the house a few times :)

Whilst stuck in bed I kept my fingers busy by doing some sewing, I made a large denim, sequinned rosette (which looks better in reality than it does here, trust me)

and a little hand-sewn fabric purse in a couple of my favourite Michael Miller fabrics

Sadly my sewing machine collapsed at the beginning of last week - it's very old and clearly needs a service!  I did manage ONE Hankie lavender bag before it died...

I've since figured a slightly better way of creating the bags - cutting the plain half of the hankie off, putting the lavender in that half, then putting that bag inside the embroidered half - now I just have to sort out my machine.

On Saturday we went out for my father-in-law's 76th birthday to a great restaurant called Jones in Braunstone Gate in Leicester.  They have a great "2 mains for £12" (it used to be 2 for £10!) and make fabulous 'cooked to order' risottos, pastas and mussel dishes.

I had the wonderful cherry tomato and mozzarella risotto followed by an amaaaazing chocolate raspberry tart (truly heavenly).  I also had a lovely chat with my 13 year old niece who is really excited about seeing My Chemical Romance next week (bless her) and discussing books and rubbish tv.

Hope you all had a fab weekend too. x


  1. oh no! i hope you are feeling better!!!! i still have my runny nose and now a little cough! i rarely get sick and i blame it on the stress and staying sooo late all last week!
    your fingers were very very busy! i love the little purses! so cute! i hope you can fix your sewing machine, i would cry if that happened to mine..although i should get it serviced too as it is old and it would make it just work much better i am sure!
    i love that you added the cross stitch to the corners of the sachet! that design is soo delicate and so beautiful!


  2. thanks sweetie, hope you get better soon too! I think it's worth getting them serviced, they're such good machines aren't they (built to last back then).
    Hope I'll be back up and running soon xox

  3. you are so talented! did you sew your bags by hand?! I am sew impressed! and i love the idea of a denim pin! when are you going to open an etsy shop? :)gina
    ps-so glad you are feeling better!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement gina :)
    For the lavender bag I used the sewing machine, but, yes, the colourful bag was all handstitched. I love to handstitch and make a lot of felt brooches - again, hoping to open a shop when I feel ready (& can sort out the tax implications!) xox


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