Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Hardback books

One of my (many passions) are books, I soak them up, and when I find ones I love, I read and re-read, and re-read.  I NEVER get tired of them and classics are usually the best.

Since getting our new bookcase (see Monday Antique Fair post) I've been able to get some cherished hardbacks out of the loft. 

These fabulous Agatha Christie (my favourite author of all time) hardbacks are from 1969/1970 and my Mum collected the whole series published at the time by Hamlyn.  Growing up I had to be really careful when reading these books and finally, a few years ago, Mum gave them to me (YAY). 

They now have pride of place...

I love seeing them everyday and I now plan on re-reading them all (probably for the thousanth time)!

What books do you cherish? x


  1. wow that is so awesome that you have all those hardback agatha christie books! you know i love her too :D i really love our book case and will be sad if and when we ever move...i will have to buy one. i would love to have a entire wall of books!


  2. I'm very lucky indeed to have them :)
    We have soooo many wonderful books we hope to get a bookcase built around our landing window floor to ceiling, fingers crossed xox


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