Tuesday, 8 March 2011

"London baby yeah" - part 1

Hi there!

Phew, what a weekend, I don't think we've stopped since Friday morning. 

We had a fantastic weekend away in the capital, doing some very touristy things, getting our monies-worth from the tube, and basically having FUN.  We were also incredibly fortunate with the weather - cold and sunny :)

After an easy trainride to the city we dropped the bag off at the hotel (Club Quarters St Paul's) right by St Paul's Cathedral, then off we went. 

Spitalfields Market was our first stop and on the first Friday of the month a Record Fair joins the usual market, so Hubby was in his element...

and got a few vinyl (I'll be posting separately about our "finds").

Every market we went to smelled INCREDIBLE - with so many food stands, mainly of asian cuisine - I wish I could have bottled the smell and posted it here!!!

You also get some great views of the city from around the market...

We went down to the waterfront to see Cleopatra's Needle...

a little-seen photo of me (with Sphinx)

I LOVE the lamp posts along the Thames - so cool

We also took a trip to Trafalgar Square, where the BBC were setting up for World Book Night...

I just loved this GIANT ship in a bottle

Chinatown is always a great place to walk through - again, such great smells, and always something interesting to look at...

Then a trip to Liberty: I have to be strict with my purse in there, seriously, I could easily spend a fortune in that shop - the fabrics alone are incredible.

I found some yummy embroidered ribbon, and a couple of silk "hankies" which are actually the size of headscarves - one for me, and one for my sister-in-law for her birthday.

I also found this lovely fellow amongst the beautiful carvings in the truly stunning building - worth a look, even if you're not interested in shopping!

We also had a pit-stop in John Lewis for yummy cake, followed by a great evening meal.

All about Saturday tomorrow. x


  1. wow your trip sounds so wonderful and packed! yay! wow london is so beautiful! i love all the statues and LOVE that lamp post too and the ship in the bottle! i need to go! i don't think i could have walked out of liberty without buying anything either..can't wait to see your finds! love that owl!!

    glad you had a great time!!!


  2. Eeeeeee, I'm so jealous! ;) I LOVE Liberty!

  3. I really could spend a fortune in that shop (if I had a fortune that is) :D x

  4. i just love looking at these photos. i keep visiting because they are so beautiful:)


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