Wednesday, 9 March 2011

"London baby yeah" - part 2

Saturday we had tickets to the footbal match between QPR and Leicester in the afternoon, so it was a busy busy morning.

It started with a trip to Church Street Market - it's a general market, but we went because of Alfie's Antiques - they have a shop filled with permanent stalls alongside the weekend market.  I found an amazing old book from the 1920's (again, I'll be posting about my finds separately) "Girls Hobbies".

Having already gone past it on the tube we decided to take a trip to Baker Street, home of one of my favourite fictional detectives, Sherlock Holmes.  The tube station at Baker Street, is ALL about Sherlock Holmes...

Even the tiles are made up of mini Sherlocks

The actual house is made up of a gift shop, and also a museum on the second floor, though we didn't go in as it was very busy, still, it was very cool to go there

Next stop was Camden, and boy was it busy!

There's Camden Town - general market, Camden Lock market - food, crafts, clothes, and The Stables market - mostly antiques.  It's lovely by the lock (again, with those amazing smells wafting over)...

this stall was amazing - absolutely crammed with doughnuts!

The artwork here was amazing

Then it was off to the football - Queen's Park Rangers at Loftus Road

We had the obiquitous Pukka Pie (chicken balti) - trust me, it may not look it, but it's delicious!

It was fun, though a little scary at times - some silly people just seem to want to fight & are very rude - and sadly Hubby's team lost - but it was a great experience to be at an away match.

On the way back we walked past BBC television centre - it seemed smaller than on the tv (!)

When we finally got back to St Paul's we had a wander across the Millennium Bridge,

A lovely meal by the waterside - despite some drizzle and the cold, we sat outside by a heater with blankets, it was really nice, and yummy food, hoisin duck ciabatta & spicy chicken ciabatta.  Then we went for a stroll around the Tate Modern as it's open until 10pm on Saturday.

All in all, another fab, if exhausting, day!

Sunday coming up. x


  1. yes another packed day! oh man that is so awesome that you went to baker street! i love the sherlock holmes silhouette on the wall and the art! that would be a place i would totally go visit!

    i think i need a donut! yes a donut would make me feel much better!

    sorry to hear about the hubby's team but glad you had fun anyways!! can't wait to hear about sunday!


  2. It was soooo cool to be standing outside 221b Baker Street - fictional or not, Sherlock rocks! yep I too am in need of a donut! xox

  3. just so you know i have this post bookmarked so i can "visit" london whenever i want. i never did get to go to the sherlock holmes museum but have always wanted to go:)

  4. :D I'm pleased you've enjoyed them gina xox


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