Friday, 11 March 2011

London Finds

We found some great bits and pieces whilst in London.

Hubby found lots of vinyl at the markets (including one he's been looking for for years - Flowered Up's Weekender)

and one for me too, the soundtrack to Disney's The Black Hole (French version) - such a cool cover!

He also bought a couple of new ones from Rough Trade - Yuck and Lykke Li

In Liberty I had to restrain myself from buying everything in sight!  However I did buy a couple of silk scarves and an embroidered ribbon spool from Liberty - the blue scarf for me and the other for my sister-in-law's birthday on Monday (she loved it) ...

they're so pretty and Spring-like

From the Upmarket craft market in Brick Lane I got a fab purse (again for my sister-in-law's birthday) - and of course I had to pick the owls :)

and these great pins

and I couldn't resist a couple of badges from Sherlock Holmes' house - they're a replica of the UK historical plaques you see around the country, and the one on his house ...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this wonderful book I found at Alfie's Antiques...

It's a fabulous book from the 1920's - isn't the cover fab! 

It has an inscription which I think are always interesting - it was a Christmas gift in 1926, the sender chose this book in "...the fond hope that she may obtain knowledge herefrom, and thus help her to become the little LADY, her mother would wish her to be"  :D

It's FULL of wonderful ideas for hobbies - and funnily enough it also includes Silhouettes! 

Here is just one page of the contents

It also includes lacquer work, stamp collecting, sweet-making and pottery painting; in addition to a couple which aren't considered acceptable anymore - bird's egg collecting and collecting butterflies and moths.  Can't wait to wade through it. x


  1. wow you made out like a bandit! yay on the vinyls for the hubby! and i love lykke li! i think we might go and see her on may 30th! i LOVE the liberty fabric! what are you going to do with it? oh i can't wait to see...i am so envious i love that fabric!! and who doesn't love liberty!

    oh and that owl purse oh so cute! and the sherlock holmes pins! oh man so envious!!

    thanks for the well wishes i am at work but yes i will be resting all weekend.which is a bummer but may take a trip to the thrift store to clear my blues!

    have a great weekend!!


  2. Hubby's been enjoying putting them all onto mp3 today (that's him sorted for the weekend) :)
    the liberty fabric is a scarf, although they did do fabric (just couldn't really afford it), it's so pretty I'm sure I'll wear it to bits.

    Hope you have a lovely, restful weekend xox

  3. i just love the floral prints. so chic:) and the owl pouch is darling too:)


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