Saturday, 12 March 2011

Monday Antique Fair

After our weekend in London, Hubby and I went to RAF Swinderby on Monday for an Antique Fair, it's one of those things I always want to do, but they always seem to be on work days (so Hubby took an extra day off, YAY) ...

It was a gorgeously sunny day, perfect for a huge antique fair.  It took us about 4 hours to walk round it all; people were selling everything from furniture to vintage bicycles...

I picked up a few bits and pieces for myself - for crafting purposes - a couple of old maps and a FAB stamp album; I also got a "camera" compact (I collect powder compacts) which is a little battered, but very cute...

We also found a great Lloyd Loom basket, still with the glass top (which is sometimes missing), which I plan to spray paint a vintage white and use as a laundry basket in our bathroom - I've been looking for a good-sized one for ages and this was perfect at just £20.

You may remember from my post Home Vintage - part 1 that we have a lovely oriental-inspired cocktail cabinet.  Well, the manufacturers also produced a chest of drawers and a glass cabinet at the same time it was new, and Hubby and I are ALWAYS on the lookout for these to add to the collection.  We missed out on the glass cabinet on ebay some while ago, and ironically enough we were discussing this on Monday when not a minute later Hubby spotted one! 

Needless to say, we bought it straight away (and substantially less than it went for on ebay, whoppee!).  I practically jumped for joy - a clean and some beeswax later and it looks lovely; we've just got to find the chest of drawers now...

Can't wait to go to some other Fairs now. x


  1. So glad you had fun at the fair and in London! Sounds fabulous!

  2. the london fair looks like the one we go to!! glad you had so much fun! that folding bike is really awesome and i love the color! i have played with the idea about getting one so i can bring it on the train with me but have never found one i like. that stamp album is really awesome and i love the ship on the cover!

    yay on the cabinet! that is really awesome!! oh and the wicker basket! it will make a great laundry basket!

    hope you are having a great weekend!


  3. thanks ladies, it was soooo much fun - planning the next one now :) xox


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