Monday, 21 March 2011

Rosettes & purses

As I've been poorly all week I didn't get to go out over the weekend (boo), but did get a bit of crafting in (yay) and watched some great movies with Hubby in the evenings.

Spring is finally here and we've had a couple of days of sunshine and it's been lovely - even getting some washing out!  In that vein I wanted to use some spring-like fabric...

...for some rosettes

and a couple of purses

It's hard to see in the photo, but the pink 'flowers' are heart-shaped, so they just need a pretty heart-shaped button now to secure them. 

I also did a bit of organisation and tidying of my wardrobe, and rotated some Winter and Spring clothes - I'm probably being way too optimistic but the sunshine inspired me; whilst Hubby was inspired to pressure wash the patio and driveway & get the car washed - thank you darling they all look fab.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend. x


  1. Hey, sorry to hear you have been unwell, Hun, especially when it was nice and sunshiney over the weekend! Those creations are really pretty and colourful!

    Our 'wardrobe' continues into the spare bedroom and is in no order at all; it's a task I'm going to have to tackle really soon, just dreading the thought!! :o)

    Get well soon xx

  2. thanks Kerry, starting to feel better (though back to work tomorrow :) so we'll see)!

    Good luck with the wardrobe, just think, you may rediscover something, or gain some space for something new ??? xx


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