Wednesday, 2 March 2011


When I was about 8 (I think) my brother and I had our silhouettes cut.  Mum and Dad had them framed and put up on the wall where they stayed for years.  I now have these, not up yet, but they're a lovely thing to have.

Here's mine...

I LOVE the ideas in the book 'Silhouette Art' by Vana Chuppa for using silhouettes in various ways 

I'm hoping to shrink mine, print it out, and put it into tiny cabochon earrings.  Once I've got more printer ink :), and done this, I'll show you the results.   I'd also love to have a go at some myself - I know that the easy way is taking photos of someone's profile, then cutting it out and 'colouring' it black, but I'd love to give the proper way a go.

Have you ever had your silhouette done, or perhaps done one yourself? x


  1. i love yours! how big is yours? it would be great to shrink it down and put it in a cameo necklace!! i had one down when i was in 8th grade..that was the last would be fun to do one again now!


  2. That's so cool - very Jane Austen-esque! Are you going to try to draw someone's silhouette?

  3. cb - it's about 6 inches high; I'll show you the results when done, can't wait to get that printer ink! :) How cool you have one too xox

    Em - I hadn't thought of that, but yes very Austen-esque (I LOVE her). I'd love to try to draw someone else, def xx


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