Monday, 14 March 2011

Tuesday Antique Market

On Tuesday I took my Mum and my Aunt to Melton Cattle Market for their Antique Market held every week.

It was wonderful, especially so because we used to go to the Cattle Market on a regular basis with my Poppa when I was little (always remembering to keep my arms by myside, no sneezing, no nodding, etc in case I bought something!). 

The market is now diverse and includes Antiques on a Tuesday, Car Boots on Sunday and a Farmer's Market, in addition to the usual cattle market.  Tuesday also sees Fur and Feather - though sadly all the fur was dead (NOT good) - but it was cool to see all the chickens, ducks, geese, pheasants, and even a pair of peacocks for sale.

It's obviously difficult to take photos as you don't want to scare them with a flash, and the 'cages' bars get in the way.  This was my Mum's favourite and I managed to get a flash-free photo of this beautiful silver-lace hen...

and a not so geat photo of these HUGE chickens, trust me, they were massive

The antique market was great and I found some wonderful items for crafting...

a bag of vintage stamps and a wonderful ladbird book which I had when I was very little

A fab King's coronation mug from 1937, which I intend to give a pincushion top for my own use

A great original scrabble set with the wooden tiles to make jewellery with

It even still had someone's score sheets inside - written on the back of what look like council minutes or something similar, from the late 1960's, early 1970's

We also came away with some sweet mini daffodil bulbs and a piece of Stilton (Hubby's favourite). 

I got some really great bargains.  All in all we had a great morning, and all agreed we must do it again. x


  1. i always love going and seeing the chickens! that silver laced hen is so so beautiful! my cousin has silkies...the are so silly looking and small but they lay light blue eggs! so what are the plans for the stamps?!?! i am so curious!


  2. i adore antique markets:) so fun! you found some great things! :)gina

  3. Sounds like you had a wonderful time! The black and white chicken looks like a stained glass window! What lovely plumage :o) You have some wonderful finds.... and the Stilton made me laugh xx

  4. thanks ladies, we very nearly came home with the hen (but mum's always on holiday so it wouldn't work!) :D x


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