Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter Birthday

Mum's 70th coincided with Easter Sunday and after Church we had a great family get-together: us, my parents, my brother and my Mum's brother, her sister and her husband. 

Because of her shoulder we went out for lunch, to a great pub called the Poacher's Pocket in a local village, Thurlaston.  Hubby and I had never been before, but it was a fab atmosphere in there and we had a delicious Sunday Carvery in their 'Chef Patron' restaurant.

We then went back to Mum and Dad's for cake!  My aunt makes the most incredible chocolate cake, to which I have always aspired, but I still can't make one as good, her sponge is soooo light...

The cupcakes I made on Saturday also went down very well...

We also had a slideshow on the tv of old photos of Mum and her family, cue much laughter!  Apparently after we left around 6ish lots of their friends descended and more fun was had by all. 

All in all I think Mum had a great 70th Birthday, hooray, mission accomplished! x


  1. sounds like a great time and so happy your mom decided to have a party! i love that picture of the hunter and his dog :D


  2. me too, it did her the world of good :) xox

  3. that sounds like a lovely Easter! those cupcakes look amazing!! and I love the egg decorations!! who had that large piece of chocolate cake then LOL :oD Kerry xx

  4. ha ha, sadly that piece was cut up - though I did have my eye on it ;D xx


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