Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter Cupcakes

Saturday was another beautiful sunny day - it's been more like Summer this past week than April!

We spent a good deal of the morning at my in-laws, in the garden.  They live at the other end of our village and it's a lovely walk through countryside, especially in the sunshine.  Later I forced myself into the kitchen to make Mum's Easter Cupcakes.

I tried a new recipe this time, one with sour cream, and added Mum's Easter Bunny toppers along with some mini eggs.  They certainly looked the part...

I always lose my taste for sweet things when I bake, but everyone seemed to enjoy them and I think I'll use the recipe again. x


  1. i want to live in a village!!!! it sounds so wonderful! i might just start calling my city a village! hehe

    the cupcakes are so cute! and sour cream! you really can't go wrong there! i am sure they were more then delicious!!

    so your mom had the party then? i hope you had a great time! happy birthday to her and hope she is doing better!


  2. hee hee;
    thanks hun, she's a lot better, though exhausted after the party!! xox

  3. Those are adorable and look so yummy!

  4. thanks Lisa - they certainly went quickly :) x


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