Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Mirror Mirror

We have a couple fo great charity shops near us, but as with these type of shops, it's always hit and miss whether you find anything.  However, a fab find this past weekend from a local charity shop, and a complete bargain at £4.50, was this fab 1930s/40s (?) mirror!

it even still has an original label on the back of it

It just needs a new pin in the chain and then we can get it up on the wall :)

Also found this great vase for £2, funnily enough we actually have a smaller version of it already...

We also managed to get a few bits & pieces for the garden and a some plants for the house too...

love these jurassic-looking leaves

and went for a different type of Orchid this time - just loved the bright, happy colour

Don't you just love getting plants for inside the house as well as out? x


  1. great finds! i love that vase! perfect for putting long stemmed flowers in! those red flowers are beautiful and i love that yellow orchid! i don't think we can have plants in our house with little rosie...she was chewing on some succulents a while ago and i know some plants can be poisonous for cats! wouldn't want to kill the kitty! we would be sooo sad!


  2. That mirror is gorgeous! I live in a 1930's house and that would look lovely in any room! That yellow orchid is very Easter-y. I had to look twice - thought I was looking at little hanging chicks for a minute there! Kerry :o) x

  3. cb - you're absolutely right, definitely wouldn't want to risk Rosie; this link might be helpful??? xox

    Kerry - gosh, I'd never noticed that before - now all I see is cute little chicks :) xx

  4. So fun!! I have lived in apts for years, so flowers inside are a must!!
    velvet cupcakes


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