Monday, 18 April 2011


Following on from my previous post on textiles, here are a few of the things I made whilst at school, from the age of 10 - 15 I guess.  I get an allergic reaction to clay, so it wasn't my favourite of subjects, and once again, I don't know where half my projects went to, but I still have a few...

country cottage, complete with roses

'the head' as we refer to it - it certainly has character, but Hubby loves it (go figure)

and my personal favourite, probably the best thing I managed, this blue vase that I still use now

Mostly I remember being constantly warned that if we got any air bubbles in anything, it would explode in the kiln! x


  1. the cottage is so great and that blue vase is so amazing! have you thought about taking any classes now? i wonder if you could wear gloves to help your allergic reaction?


  2. thanks sweetie; hadn't really thought about trying as an adult, but I do like that idea, thank you. I used to wear thick Marigold washing up gloves (!) but I'm sure I could find something better now xox


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