Friday, 15 April 2011


At school we had, under the banner of 'art' - pottery, painting and textiles (which was silk screen printing) - these were on a rotational basis and sadly you were not allowed to choose your favourite.  I've recently come across a couple of my textile items, although I wish I knew where the rest went to as I certainly did a lot more over the years ...

this was one I did for my Mum as I remember

and I really love this one, which I might turn into a cushion as it's just the right size

I also dated this one, 1988.  Some pottery to follow :)

Hoping to go see Red Riding tonight, fingers crossed everyone else has gone to see Scream 4. x


  1. i love that sun one! looks like a japanse inspired print! i haven't silk screened in a while and would love to make a small screen to make some small prints!


  2. me too! I keep telling myself I'll get a small kit and print myself some fabric xox


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