Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Crafting Books

In addition to those lovely hardbacks I posted about last week from my in-laws, I also got to choose from a selection of cool, vintage craft books!

I chose the following which seemed to be the best...

the fab Big Book of Needlecraft, which I recently saw in a charity shop for £20!!

and yes, that is an owl on the front cover, though I'm still looking for it inside...

and the Book of Good Needlecraft has some fab things to make inside...

I can't wait for some time to sit and go through them to make a list of what to make first (and fingers crossed for the owl)! x


  1. i LOVE that needle craft book! a friend of mine just gave me this HUGE needle craft book and it is soooo super awesome! when i get a chance i will share it with you! it is from the 80's so there are all sorts of awesome pictures :D too bad we don't live closer we could have craft nights together! okay just typing that made me happy but sad :(


  2. :D that sounds cool - vintage craft books are just incredible aren't they!
    I wish we did too, it would be so much fun :) :( xox

  3. I can't wait to start making things from them and posting about them :) xx


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