Tuesday, 3 May 2011

A find-filled weekend - part 1

Well, we're back from Suffolk (and was back to work today, sadly).  We had a great, fun bank holiday weekend and have come back with some amazing finds & total bargains - the most expensive item was just £12 (always a plus).

Friday was of course the Royal Wedding and it was lovely, as weddings usually are.  It was fun to watch & listen to it all, especially seeing all those people along the Mall cheering them on - I just love to see that much positivity, it's something you don't see often and it makes me feel better about the world somehow. 

Kate's dress by Sarah Burton for Alexander MacQueen was beautiful and what I expected somehow...

Images from Mirror

After the wedding we sloped off to Southwold and trawled the antique shops that were open, it was so lovely and quiet everywhere & came away with a bag filled with goodies from the local deli too! 

Our first finds were this great little table with lovely Moorish-detailing

and this lovely, heavy, cut-glass cologne bottle

There was a small Vintage Market there too, and I fell in love with this gorgeous crocheted mini throw, I've never seen one in these colours before

We then popped to another small antiquey shop in Yoxford where I came away with some fab Jane Austen books, with lovely illustrations...


 and the requisite book of Birds (most people I know seem to have a copy of this)

We also bought our first piece of big furniture, a glass-fronted low bookcase which we'll use as a stereo/dvd cabinet, though I don't yet have a photo for you as it's still in Suffolk - we couldn't get it in the car so it's waiting for us at the caravan! 

More finds & Fairs tomorrow. x


  1. so you actually got to see the wedding? or did you watch it on tv?

    your finds are fantastic! the moorish table is a great fine! i love moorish designs :) the blanket is great too! you can never have too many granny square blankets either! oh and i just LOVE the books you scored! i didn't know that their were illustrated jane austen books! oh and i am sooo jealous of the bird book! i always am on the look out for them so that i can use them in designs or my tattoos!


  2. just watched the wedding on the tv :)
    I can't believe how lucky I was finding all those yummy things! They're the first Jane Austen's I've seen too with illustrations, they're from the late 1920's. xox


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