Wednesday, 4 May 2011

A find-filled weekend - part 2

Saturday was another lovely sunny day, though all weekend there was a very cold wind, brrr.

We spent Saturday nearer to Aldeburgh, with a trip into the town, and a visit to next-door Thorpeness which is the creation of Glencairn Stuart Ogilvie, built in the 1920’s. Ogilvie’s idea was to create the ideal holiday village “for people who want to experience life as it was when England was Merrie England " and we love visiting, especially the Dolphin Pub who do great food and have a lovely garden.

It's also home to the 'House in the Clouds'

Sunday was another busy day; first stop was Beccles Antique Street Fair - it was fantastic, certainly one of the best I've ever been to...

check out this cute little dog - she seemed quite happy sitting way above everyone looking over her owner's stall...

I found some great vintage fabric pieces that I plan on using to make lavender sachets...

and these beautiful mother-of-pearl opera glasses (on my wish list for soooo long)...

a royal coronation beaker...

another fab hardback...

a couple of LPs...

and this great vintage vanity case...

That was some Fair! 
We also visited the Retro Market at Snape Maltings which was also fun, but not so much for us to find, though I did get this fun 1960's scarf...

Monday was a car boot sale and an Altered Images LP for Hubby, then home.  I've never found so many wonderful things in one go before and it could well be that that's it for the season (though I hope not)! x


  1. wait a in the clouds? does someone live there? how COOL!!
    that dog is super silly..hehehe! another great bundle you got! those fabrics are amazing and i love that suit case! some fair, an awesome one!!!!!! sooo glad you had a great weekend!!!


  2. wow! all that lot from one fair, that's fantastic! I absolutely love those binoculars and the vanity case. I bet there are some gorgeous views to be had from that house and how on earth did that dog get up there?! you are a lucky lucky lady :o) Kerry xx

  3. the house in the clouds is incredible - from Aldeburgh (the next town where we stay) it literally looks like it's floating! It's a holiday home that's rentable!

    That dog did make me smile :D she was so happy up there, esp with all the attention she was getting, though I'm guessing her owner placed her there, although who knows, maybe she can jump very high, hee hee :)

    Yep - BEST fair I've ever been to! xox


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