Thursday, 19 May 2011

French Art Deco

Whilst in Chicago last year I visited one of my most favourite shops in the city, Poster Plus, who sell a variety of wonderful posters, both vintage & reproduction, alongside fab stationery. In addition to some fab vintage-style postcards I also bought a pack of French art deco stickers - of savon (soap) and cologne - produced by Laughing Elephant ...

they're all so colourful and beautiful, but here are some of my favourites

You can buy some lovely glass bottles and jars with vintage-style labels on them from places such as the fabulous Cologne and Cotton,

who also sell wonderful linen & amazing soaps, including my personal favourites from Claus Porto...

However, the wonderful thing about these stickers is that you can also make your own.  I've already done one for my bathroom...

and I love it.  If you have some plain jars and bottles these stickers are a perfect way to make your own 'vintage' containers. x


  1. that elephant poster is soo awesome! i am normally not a huge fan of art deco but that one is brilliant! and i love the idea of the stickers for jars! you always have the greatest stuff!!

    oh by the way...i got my package today and made my ENTIRE DAY! what a wonderful and extremely thoughtful gift, really! i can't believe you remembered the bird book! oh i can't wait to find an illustration that speaks to me and get it tattooed! oh i wish i could give you a great big thank you hug!!! thank you thank you! you are really the best!

    oh and i am sending out your necklace tomorrow, yay!hope you enjoy it and i can not wait to wear my new pendant!!!


  2. thanks honey, so pleased your parcel arrived :) Happy Birthday (can't wait to get my owl) xox


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