Saturday, 21 May 2011

Funky Tea Towels

Following on from my last "things I like" post, as I'm rather partial to tea towels, here are a few more cool & funky ones I'd love to 'adorn' my kitchen...

Dear Colleen

  these two are good enough to eat...
Charlotte Farmer

Charlotte Farmer


a great game & a great tea towel (hee haw?)

Unity Peg

I wish I had such a great collection of snowglobes as this...
Charlotte Farmer

Does anyone else share my passion for tea towels? x


  1. i am not a tea towel person but i always love the designs of them. they are always so cute! i love the donkey one! so cute!!


  2. :D they're some fab ones out there, I like having pretty things in the kitchen (to detract from the not-so-fun washing up) ha ha xox


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