Monday, 9 May 2011

Obsessed Audio?

Sometimes I'm not sure if I am a collector, or perhaps just obsessed with some things?

One of the things which you may have noticed before is my love of Agatha Christie books - in ALL their forms - in the last couple of years I've been buying audio books of them, mainly from Charity Shops or Ebay.  I'd never even considered audio books until I saw my first Agatha Christie ones, I'd always just walked past them in the shops.

They're a fab additional way to enjoy books, and can be very relaxing when you find a reader you like - some will even lull me to sleep if I'm having difficulty dropping off - ALWAYS helpful - for me that's Hugh Fraser (Hastings).

Most of mine are on cassette as they're so much cheaper, and I convert them using Audacity to mp3 so can listen on my ipod wherever I am - in the garden, cleaning the house. 

You'll also see from the photo that I have a couple of Harry Potter's too - read by the FABULOUS Steven Fry who does a fantastic copy of both Hagrid, and Kenneth Branagh's Gildroy Lockhart!

If you've never tried audio books before I seriously cannot recommend trying them enough - they're readily available online too as downloads. x


  1. can i come over and borrow some tapes! your collection is AMAZING!



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