Monday, 23 May 2011

A slice of Victoriana - part 1

My cousins were down from Cumbria this weekend, and kindly brought with them some of my Nan's photos, and also scans of some glass negatives.  Most of these were paternal family photos I've never seen before and hopefully they're going to send me some more scans as apparently they have ALOT more (yay).

Some of the most fascinating pictures are ones from the Victorian era, I just love to look at their clothes, jewellery and hair styles - fascinating - here are a few for you...

Great grandmother Violet

Violet & William - don't they look dashing

what a smart gent

such beautiful detailing on her lace collar, beautiful beading on her sleeves, & the folds in the skirt, I would think this dress is taffeta, and stunning

more gorgeous dress detailing around the decolletage

and my personal favourite - a Great Great Grandmother, and a truly 'typical' Victorian (very Queen Victoria)

I'm lucky enough to have some Victorian clothing, including the cape she's wearing here, which is covered in beading & brocade (now I just have to find them as my Mum kept them for me!)

For me it's so exciting to see new photos of relatives; next stage is to go through them all with my Dad and name them all. x


  1. wow!!! this are awesome! are you gonna frame any of them! i should send you a picture of the misters! his family lived in hawaii and they are wearing pretty much the same clothes as your family and then there is a jungle behind them!

    yes your great great grandmother looks VERY victorian, i think it is the combo of the cape and her awesome hat!


  2. I'm so pleased to have these :)
    I hope to get a selection framed (I keep a look out for an old/old-style multi aperture frame).
    Wow, the mister's photo sounds awesome, Victoriana AND the jungle!!! and how cool that they lived in Hawaii, we've been to Kauai (in 2001) and it was so beautiful, I'd love to visit more of the islands sometime. xox

  3. These are such cool pictures! I love the Victorian era!


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