Saturday, 7 May 2011

Spools galore

How cool is this lot...

This huge lot of sewing and decorative threads came from Hubby's late aunt (along with my fab sewing machine); however I've only recently discovered them as we'd left them with my Mum.  Just looking at the colourful display makes me happy - ok, do I need to get out more?!

I also found this bag full of pretty Summery coloured threads which were my Mum's...

I think they'd look fab on a thread board, though Hubby's not too thrilled by that idea as my crafting supplies are constantly spreading, ha ha :)

I've already started to use the threads with that lovely vintage fabric I found last weekend too with some lavender bags

though that's one wonky small heart, doh. x


  1. all those colors are making me drool! how fun!! and yay more lavender bags, they are too cute!


  2. how fun! i love all the colors and can't wait to see what you sew up:)

  3. thanks lovelies :) I'm having fun with them xox


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